Star Defense

 $5.99 – ngmoco Star Defense – v1.1

  • Graphics and Sound – 5/5
  • Strategy – 3/5
  • Fun – 3/5
  • Re-playability – 3/5
  • Overall – 3/5

Just because ngmoco releases a $5.99 “premium” iPhone game, doesn’t mean you should actually buy it. Star Defense is a pretty standard path-based tower defense game with one trick up it’s sleeve, a 3D map that can be rotated. It’s really more of a gimmick than a worthwhile addition to the genre. Unlike games such as Sentinel, or Zombie Attack! that actually expand on the genre, Star Defense’s 3D ‘planets’ neither make any sense nor add much fun to the game. Otherwise, the game looks and sounds great, but is pretty much just a rehash of any other path-based tower defense game. If you love TD games, then sure it could be fun, but for $5.99, it’s not really worth it. Stick to Fieldrunners, Tap Defense, Sentinel or Zombie Attack!

  • Excellent graphics and sound
  • Interesting Facebook and Twitter integration
  • Easy to learn
  • Well designed UI
  • Generic storyline
  • Gimmicky 3D map interface
  • Map rotation can get disorienting
  • Not very original


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